At National Dental Care of Houston, we value dental exams as an integral component of maintaining both optimal oral and overall wellbeing. Dental exams enable our dentists to detect potential issues early and prevent them from worsening – helping you to keep a beautiful, confident smile!

A dental exam at National Dental Care involves an in-depth assessment by one of their dentists in order to detect potential issues like cavities, gum disease and even oral cancer. At their exam they’ll check for plaque/tartar buildup; examine gum health; jaw health; bite health as well as may utilize dental X-rays for more in depth insights into your oral wellbeing.

Why Do You Need a Dental Exam?
Annual dental examinations are essential to keeping our teeth and gums in tiptop condition, providing early detection of issues that can be more effectively treated when identified early. Furthermore, dental exams may detect other health issues like vitamin deficiencies, diabetes or heart disease – making it an integral component of overall healthcare practices.

The Dental Exam Process
When visiting our clinic for a dental examination, our team begins with an assessment of both your dental and medical histories to tailor care specifically to meet the individual needs of every client.
Physical Examination – Our dentists use specialized tools to conduct an in-depth physical exam of each patient to detect signs of oral health issues, including any plaque and tartar build-up. Although cleanings may not always be required, our dental practitioners may suggest scheduling dental cleanings to remove plaque and tartar buildup as recommended by their respective health providers. Based on your assessment, dental X-rays may be taken in order to gain a comprehensive view of your oral health. After an exam is performed, our dentist will discuss their findings with you, recommend any necessary treatments, and offer advice for improving home oral hygiene practices. Should any issues be found or as part of routine health checks we’ll help coordinate a follow up appointment as necessary.

Dental Cleanings and Exams
Both dental cleanings and exams serve different functions; an exam involves evaluating your overall oral health to diagnose any issues such as decay or gum disease using special tools, while dental cleanings focus more on prevention: the removal of plaque and tartar that contribute to tooth decay or gum disease from teeth cleanings performed by dental hygienists can keep oral hygiene up-to-date between appointments.

Regular Dental Check-Ups
We advise most individuals to visit their dentist at least every six months for a dental exam; however, some individuals may require more frequent check-ups depending on their oral health needs. Regular check-ups allow early detection and treatment of problems, helping both your oral and overall health stay intact.

At National Dental Care, our priority is providing comprehensive dental exams that take into account every aspect of your oral health. Our goal is to make each visit as comfortable, informative and effective as possible so you can maintain a beautiful smile for years. Book your visit with us now and take a proactive step toward healthier living!